Project Manager for Customer Relationship Management Project

Cairo, Egypt
Posted 11 months ago

Job Summary

This project is to ensure an outstanding relationship between Life from Water and its stakeholders “Donors, sponsors and advisors”. Building such relationship requires making personalized emails and phone calls to the stakeholders on regular basis, sending gifts and following up all the news of the stakeholders so that we can move the relationship to the next level.

The Project manager will work directly with sponsors and donors to reach them with all project’s information. Maintaining good relationships with stakeholders. He or she will coordinate with other departments to ensure all aspects of each project are compatible, and will hire new talent as needed to fulfill Project needs. The goal is to ensure that all programs deliver the desirable outcome to Life from Water.

Job Responsibilities

  • Support and follow-up on the implementation of the project activities in accordance with project proposal and activities timeline.
  • Perform various administrative tasks. These tasks include filing project documents, maintaining project schedules, creating responsibility lists for those who are involved in the project.
  • Monitor and evaluate team members, ensuring that they are fulfilling their duties with high quality.
  • Innovate new techniques to maintain good relationships with donors, for example, sending regular gifts.
  • Maintain a network of partners and stakeholders including Government, private sector & NGOs.
  • Maintain direct interaction with directors to make sure all resources needed for the project are available
  • Develop and implement project plan and execution plan.
  • Develop, monitor and evaluate project performance in terms of quality, time and budget and taking necessary actions timely.
  • Decide on suitable strategies and objectives.
  • Responsible for project handover.
  • Provide constant reports to the branch manager.
  • Scope each project, with attention towards clear and well-defined success criteria with measurable values.
  • Ensure to produce reports on progress within the team and outline any developed strategies to improve.
  • Write, edit and publish newsletter, announcements, as well as meeting highlights and action items with internal and external teams on the project’s status.
  • Communicate effectively on all levels to assure services and needs are being met and expectations managed.
  • Collect the sponsors suggestion and feedback to improve and maximize our projects to increase their loyalty.

Job Requirements

Travel Requirements

  • None

Educational Background

  • None


  • Minimum 1-2years of relevant professional experience in leading projects or extra curricular activities.
  • Working in non-profit is a positive addition.


  • Proven experience as a project manager or other leading position.
  • Demonstrated experience in project management, monitoring and evaluation, and program implementation.
  • Ability to work across cultural and organizational boundaries.
  • Experience in working under stress and responding to deadlines imposed by emergency situations.
  • Solid skills in: Teamwork, presentation, team management and creative problem solving.=
  • Must be results-oriented and highly energetic.
  • Capable of multitasking and prioritizing.
  • Ability to work with multi-stakeholders and partners.
  • Excellent crisis management skills to handle pressure from project challenges.
  • Excellent reporting and communication skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving ability.
  • Excellent leadership and organizational skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office.
  • [Plus] working knowledge of project management software (MS Project) is a strong advantage.


  • Excellent knowledge (written and spoken) of Arabic.
  • Very good knowledge (written and spoken) of English

Working Conditions

  • Physical/Mental Requirements(None)


  • Certificate of participation.
  • Cross-cultural experience across different countries (Egypt, Germany and Kenya).
  • Networking opportunity.
  • Volunteering recognition recommendation letter.
  • Professional training and soft skills courses
  • Special discounts on volunteering tourism programs

Job Features

Job CategoryProject Manager
START DATE01-10-2017

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