About Us


We Provide Worldwide Charity

Life from Water foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 in Egypt. We provide poor people with clean, sustainable water solutions with region specific methods. By doing so, we help the people to empower themselves with development projects to improve their life quality. Operating with a 100 % transparency, we guarantee that all the donations go directly to the water projects. In 2016, we branched out to Germany with a focus on innovation, fundraising and control of the operations across Africa.


Who We Are

What we do

As a team, we travel to poor areas to dig wells and install water purifying and plumbing systems for people who do not have access to clean water or have to travel long distances to find it. Our foundation also conducts research to find innovative methods for water purification.


Our vision is to provide everyone in the world with drinking water until 2030. “In accordance with the UN vision”


Our mission is to provide poor people with a sustainable access to clean drinking water and empower them to increase overall quality of life.


Now more than ever before, it is essential to create awareness about the problems that millions of people all around the world are facing. We regularly have off- and online campaigns to increase the awareness of people all around the world.


We collaborate with local NGOs to ensure that all the processes are monitored and surveyed correctly once we implemented our solutions. This yields multiple advantages. We can communicate with the locals in their native languages so we get the full impression of their situation. We can act upon any complication that might arise after the implementation process.


Our projects are funded by generous donors who support our cause. We operate with full authenticity and transparency. Every donation arrives in its full amount at the people in need. Life from Water foundation consists to 100 % of volunteers all over the world.


We are constantly striving to develop innovative solutions and to make our processes even more cost efficient. Our R&D team is working relentlessly to achieve these goals.

Our solutions

We assess every place individually to know the exact problem the region is facing. Depending on our assessment we either implement a shallow well, a borehole or a purification station. We get our knowledge from talking to the locals and executing a geographic survey.