About Us


  • Clean Water Supply: Delivering sustainable and innovative solutions for clean water access for rural communities.
  • Community Empowerment & Capacity Building : Going beyond water solutions, we empower communities for lasting change by providing technical, business, leadership, and community engagement training. This dual approach ensures holistic development and sustainable impact.
  • Research and Impact Evaluation : Engaging in evidence-based research, Randomized Controlled Trials, and qualitative research for continuous improvement of our water interventions. While actively testing different pilot projects and innovations, assessing their sustainability to enhance the effectiveness of our work.
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Our Vision

We envision a future where our influence transcends borders, pioneering transformative water projects that set new benchmarks for excellence and impact. Committed to shaping policies and renowned for technical expertise, ethical practices, and community empowerment.


Our mission is deeply rooted in empowering local communities through evidence-based interventions. We provide technical knowledge, resources, and support for thriving water sustainability while driving partnerships, capacity building, and innovation. We aim to be a force for positive transformation, ensuring every community can manage water sustainably.


Our Approach:

We commence by fostering partnerships with local communities, valuing and learning from diverse experiences. From there, we seamlessly integrate a holistic approach that encompasses implementing clean water projects, empowering communities, conducting research, setting technical benchmarks, and fostering collaboration with different stakeholders.