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Who We Are

An international non-profitable foundation specialized in delivering clean water and agricultural solutions in rural communities in Africa.








Clean Water and Sanitation

Our work increases access of underprivileged, rural communities to safe and affordable drinking water.

Good Health and Well-Being

Life From Water Foundation ensures providing clean and safe water, to reduce illness caused by water-borne diseases.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We are keen to empower communities through our water initiatives. We create employment opportunities through localizing the operations of our various solutions. Additionally, through our drip irrigation solutions, we improve the local employment, productivity, and economy.

Zero Hunger

We work to provide holistic water-related solutions that empower vulnerable, rural communities. Our drip irrigation solutions empower local, small-scale food producers.

Our Latest Achievements

Water Well – Bongoa Village, Kenya

420 People in Bongoa Village, Kwale County, Kenya has a source of clean water.

Water Well – Kajei Village, Kenya

910 People in Kajei Village, Busia County, Kenya has a source of clean water.

Water Well – Wasaa village

A vast sized village – Apparently the largest village in Kikoneni location. It is an

Latest Activities

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COVID-19 and Life From Water Projects

Recently, with the outbreak of COVID-19 that mainly needs practice of good hygiene, Life From Water’s role in fighting this pandemic does not stop at delivering clean water only, yet it goes further to raise people’s awareness when it comes to sterilization and the importance of a good hygiene in order to reduce their risk of infection.

Life From Water had 2 Water Tap Connections projects where clean water was delivered inside 100  homes , we have used this opportunity to raise awareness of household by telling them the most important information they need to know to keep themselves and their families safe from COVID-19.

Also we used the opportunity that our Water Treatment Units are places where people visit frequently and printed brochures that shows the best practices of hands washing and basic information provided by WHO that everyone have to know for self-protection.

Water Entrepreneurs Project Progress

Agriculture -which is the second milestone of our project “Water Entrepreneurs“- is now live.

In our last trip to Kenya in Jan 2020 we have managed to implement and irrigation system that helped locals to start working on farming.

First milestone was  water supply, by implementing a sustainable water source for the village.
This water source is the main source of water used is drinking and daily life usage, also used in agriculture.
So we have implemented a Water Dam which is an artificial lake designed to collect rain water with a Water Treatment Unit working on it using solar energy.

Also we have made a progress in milestone three which is capacity building,  by working with locals to develop their basic skills and teach them about successful business models, community companies, manage water source  and marketing.

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Buy Me Filter Initiative

Buy Me Filter is an initiative by Life From Water where you can buy a water filter and it will be delivered to a family that doesn’t have access to clean water.

Water filter is considered an easy and cheep way to solve contaminated water problem around the world.
Every water filter can provide a whole family -and maybe neighbors- with access to clean water for more than 3 years.

Life from water has distributed 500 water filter in different areas in Kenya, granting clean water to more than 3,000 beneficiaries.