About Us

Life from Water foundation is a non-profit organization  founded in 2011 in Egypt. We provide poor people with clean, sustainable water solutions with region specific methods. By doing so, we help the people to empower themselves with development projects to improve their life quality. Operating with a 100 % transparency, we guarantee that all the donations go directly to the water projects. In 2016, we branched out to Germany with a focus on innovation, fundraising and control of the operations across Africa.

Water Entrepreneurs

It is a non-profit sustainable development project targeting the east African region, also known as the horn of Africa. The mission is to deliver clean drinking water, as well using the water to provide business solutions and empowering the community to become entrepreneurs.

Volunteering Tourism

You can be part from Life from Water volunteering tourism program, travel with our multinational teams across Egypt and Kenya, help in developing underprivileged communities, experience new cultures, and discover the beauty of the world.


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Who We Are


Why Life from Water foundation

Worldwide, millions of people suffer from the lack of clean drinking water. But this goes way further than “just” drinking water, but reaches as far as sanitation, agriculture and education. Let us put it in numbers to get a feeling for the crisis.

Life from Water foundation operates with the highest quality and the lowest costs. We consist to 100 % of volunteers, which means that no donation money is used for administrative costs. This gives us a highly competitive advantage towards other organisations. Therefore, we can ensure the highest price competitiveness while still maintaining high quality.


Million people who do not have access to clean drinking solutions.


Million people who Deaths from water-related diseases, which people suffer from due to unclean water.


Percentage of the people who do not have access to water who live off agriculture.