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What is the difference between the money received through donations and the money made by the foundation? How are these different sources of money used?

100% of the money received through donations goes directly into channelling the clean water for poor people. The non-donated money is made by selling products produced by the foundation itself. This money is used by our volunteers for administrative and logistical costs directly related to our clean water projects.

How can I be sure that the donated money is used to help the people who are in the most need?

For every project, we send an investigation team to collect data about the current situation. After that the team prioritizes the cases in order to begin with those which are the most urgent.

How can I be sure that the money I donate is used for helping people in need?

Our system is based on 100% transparency. All documentation and photos of the families that we have already helped is available on our website and our Facebook page. Once a project is completed, we are able to send you all documents regarding your donated money, so you can see every single step of the transactions.

How can I support “Life from Water“?

There are many ways. Becoming a member and donating money are just a few examples. Just contact us.

Do I receive a receipt after my donation?

Yes, you get one.

Do you hire workers for the implementation process?

No, all the people who work with us are volunteers.

In what countries has “Life from Water“ already been active?

So far, we have completed projects in Egypt, India and Uganda.

Why do you only help people with water issues?

Being specialized in water only allows us to work more efficiently, with higher quality and lower costs.

Do you have any political agendas?

No, we are working only as a charity.

Are you an official foundation?

Yes, we are an official foundation with our head office in Egypt and a branch in Germany.

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