Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our organization.


What exactly does Life from Water do?

We provide underprivileged communities with clean drinking water through different water solutions ranging from water wells to water links and purification stations. We empower people to help them achieve a sustainable living on their own.

Is Life from Water an official organization?

Yes, we are an officially registered organisation.

In which countries is Life from Water active?

So far our water projects were based in Egypt, India, Niger, Uganda and Kenya.

Are donations used 100% to help people in need?

We have a 100% donations policy, that means whatever amount you give on our donation page will go fully to the people. Our administrative costs are covered by a separate pool specifically for that purpose. Donate now to support our mission to improve people’s life through water (Link to donate page)

What are the main values that drive Life from Water?

Empowerment! We don’t want to provide one-off solutions but sustainably empower people to develop sources of income by themselves. The first step is providing them with clean water so they can get started with agriculture or their own businesses.

What does the Life from Water logo stand for?

It spells “Life from Water” in Arabic. On the left there is a human head symbolizing how water enables life, which is the very heart of our mission.

What do the volunteers of the organization do?

We work in different teams according to where our skills are most valuable to Life from Water. We have teams dedicated to Operations, Project Management, Marketing, IT,  HR, Fundraising and more.

How can I support Life from Water?

There are many ways to give: every little donation helps us to reach and empower more people! You can also  become a member and join our international and intercultural team off- or online in various functions. For more information Contact Us.

How can I stay updated on Life from Water projects and achievements?

You can like our Facebook and Instagram page and receive updates on how we improve life quality through our water mission. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, too.