Solar Powered Shallow Well – Kholera Village, Kakamega County, Kenya

  • Project Location:

    • ¬†Kholera Village, Kakamega County, Kenya

    Description of the place:

    • An extensive sparsely populated area with semi-permanent houses. The village is connected with a dry weather road.

    Description of the project:

    • A Solar Powered Shallow Well refers to a water supply system that utilizes solar energy to pump water from a shallow well. In this system, solar panels harness sunlight and convert it into electrical energy, which is then used to power a water pump. The pump draws water from a relatively shallow well, typically drilled to access groundwater.
    • This sustainable and environmentally friendly approach provides a reliable source of water for various purposes, such as irrigation, livestock watering, or domestic use, especially in areas where grid electricity may be limited or unavailable. The use of solar power makes the system cost-effective, reduces reliance on traditional energy sources, and contributes to the promotion of clean and renewable energy solutions.

    Water source:

    • A seasonal water spring 600 m far away from the village

    No. of Beneficiaries:

    • 400 Person