Water Treatment Unit

WHAT IS a “Water Treatment Unit”?

In areas where the main source of water is not safe for human use, we have provided access to hundreds of thousands Egyptians through installing more than 45 water treatment units  in Egypt.

It is a filtration system customized according to the test results of the water available in the residency , connected and working consecutively to purify water and make it safe to use and drink.

Every unit is installed after
1-Testing water available in the residency.
2-Study the financial and social status of the residents.
To make sure of the need to this station.
3- Capacity building and community empowerment to insure the sustainability of the project.

Our Work

We have been working since 2013, installing 44 station in 8 different governorates  helping more that 400,000 beneficiaries.

Every station can help around 7,000-20,000 beneficiaries .Providing clean water safe to use and drink 100% for free.

Maintenance is one of our strength points that assures sustainability of work and that the station will continue to work perfectly.So, we have created a work system to schedule visits and calls that can fix any issue appears immediately.