Water Entrepreneurs

It is a non-profit sustainable development project targeting the east African region, also known as the horn of Africa. The mission is to deliver clean drinking water as well as provide enough water for farming. This will reopen a sustainable source of income which has been inhibited by climate change over the past few years. In order to ensure a sustaining impact and ongoing improvement in the region, the first village to be helped will later help a neighbor village to finance and build a borehole.

We believe that empowerment comes when you give the basic education and tools a person needs then he can change his life by his own work and will.
Every person can

The Water Source

First milestone is water supply, by implementing a sustainable water source for the village.
This water source is the main source of water used is drinking and daily life usage, also used in agriculture.
In our first time to implement Water Entrepreneurs project, the best water solution for the area was a water dam.


The second milestone is agriculture by implementing an irrigation systems and initiating farming among the locals.
This step is currently in progress as the irrigation system is now ready and we are working on the second step to initiate farming.

Capacity Building

The third milestone is training, by working with locals to develop their basic skills and teach them about successful business models, community companies, manage water source  and markeing
This comes from our belief that empowerment comes when you give the person the basic education and tools he needs then he can change his life by his own work and will.


The forth milestone is sustainability,which means making sure that locals are capable of managing the water source and use it to develop their life. Also this may appear in their contribution to help other villages  implement the same project.